The history of Alentejo goes hand in hand with the history of the Iberian Peninsula.

Its name, "Além" + "Tejo" combined as Alentejo, literally translates to "Beyond-the-Tagus" or "Across-the-Tagus".

In many points of Alentejo you´ll find proof of Phoenician civilizations from 3000 year ago, Celtics, and Romans, which left an important legacy in the region. After, the Romans, the Visigoths and Arabs have occupied the region until it was conquered by Portuguese Kings. However we must not forget that pre-historical civilizations walked through these lands and left important monuments like the Dolmens and Cromlechs.

In result of 1974 Portuguese Revolution important transformations occurred, with great effects on society and as well in land property and production systems.

More recently the construction of the Alqueva water reservoir (the biggest artificial lake in Europe), have potentiated the development of strategic sectors, such as agriculture and tourism.