The Shades of Marble Route - Half Day itinerary - Vila Viçosa

This itinerary can be implemented with the support of Spira - Revitalização Patrimonial.

Introduction to the itinerary

Be in the vast Alentejo’s “montado” (the unique cork tree forest), in the picturesque rural houses or in the monumental regional architecture, one common element dominates the landscape and gives it a unique and extraordinary beauty - the marble.

The Shades of Marble Route invites you then to spend an exciting morning or afternoon in the Lands of Vila Viçosa. The area has been inhabited since Antiquity, and it was the site of a small settlement in Roman times. In 1461, Vila Viçosa came to the hands of the House of Bragança, one of the most important houses of nobility of Portugal. This event was crucial in the history of the village, which became the main base of the Dukes of Bragança in the next centuries. The Dukes had considerable wealth and greatly promoted the economic, urban and artistic development of the village, where marble was starring since the beginning of its exploration.

During your tour you’ll be visiting an impressive active quarry, taking a tour into a Marble factory, seeing how marble is applied to monuments and, obviously, enjoying a typical regional meal and the Alentejo exquisite wines in one of the most interesting restaurants in the area.

The following itinerary can be done: July, August and September: 09:00 or 18:00 - October to June: 10:30 or 15:00. Duration: 3 hours. Schedule can be adjusted to groups’ interest and availability. Weather limitations may occur regarding outdoor visits to quarries.

> Morning

  • Meeting point at the Vila Viçosa Tourism Office
  • Visit to the quarry Marmetal
  • Visit to the Factory Marmetal
  • Observation of application of marble on the Frontage of the Ducal Palace

> Lunch

“Taverna dos Conjurados” (Vila Viçosa)

Other information

The Route and all its itineraries can be enjoyed by all kinds of groups. Although, considering some of the activities related to the visiting of quarries, safety restrictions may apply to certain groups or ages.

In order to get to know conditions or other options of marbles routes operated by Spira, we suggest a visit to the webpage of the Shades of Marble Route.

It is always possible to organize tours including places previously selected by the groups.