The holy stone itinerary

This itinerary can be implemented with the support of LUCCA PROMOS, that will take care also of the organization of necessary local transfers.

Introduction to the itinerary

The whole day is dedicated to the visit of Pietrasanta (Pietra = stone; Santa = holy) and its surroundings. The city is the centre of the marble processing industry. Its history is characterized by arts and culture scenes. The city has always attracted prestigious artists, such as Michelangelo and Canova and still today attracts famous creative and contemporary sculptors.

A PLUS - Marble: from quarries to art works

Enterprises having their headquarter in Pietrasanta, have spread all over the world local marble and their know-how in the stone processing industry. Among the most magnificent architectural masterpieces we can mention: “9/11 Memorial” (2011, New York –USA); The Shard London Bridge (2011, London – UK); Four Seasons Hotel & Tower (2007, Miami – USA); the British Museum Mosaic floors (2000/2003, London – UK). For more details on the enterprises and the whole complete list of architectonical creations please refer here.

The following itinerary can be done in all seasons.

> Morning

Your tour starts by visiting some companies and studios dedicated to the marble transformation.

The first stop over is the visit to one of the following companies:

  1. Degl'Innocenti Marmi, is a company producing lathe works, inlaid stones of great worth, handmade art crafts.
  2. Menchini Guido & F.llo, is a company producing cut to size paving and cladding, staircases for interior and exterior.
  • Then you will have the possibility to visit one of the following laboratories:
    1. Galleni Massimo is an incredible sculptor that has opened his own studio in Pietrasanta where he creates all sorts of masterpieces in marble with the ability to shape it without a three-dimensional model in plaster or clay, but by simply using a photo or drawing to transform a customer's idea into a unique work of art.
    2. Mariani Fonderia Artistica, is a company able to produce high quality products from various materials, such as bronze, silver, aluminium and so on.
    3. Cervietti Franco & C. is one of the most important sculpture studio in Pietrasanta. The workshop is equipped for the traditional production of sculpture and houses one of the biggest galleries of plaster casts in Italy with centuries-old moulds including original casts belonging to Michelangelo, Canova and Bernini.

    > Lunch

    > Afternoon

    The afternoon is dedicated to the discovering of the city centre of Pietrasanta and of its cultural offer. You will have a walk in the city centre to discover the “open-air” museum and then visit:

    • the Museo dei Bozzetti (Maquettes’ Museum) located in the Chiostro di S. Agostino shows the long tradition of the artistic sculpture of the city. The Bozzetto is the initial idea of the sculptor and it useful to understand all the process of creating a work of art. This Museums shows a great collection of “bozzetti” linked to famous contemporary artists.
    • the MuSA (Museo Virtuale della Scultura e Architettura di Pietrasanta - Virtual Museum of Sculpture and Architecture in Pietrasanta) is a “real museum space” located in Pietrasanta, and a “virtual museum space” on the web. The territory, the quarries, the mining and excavation activities, the processing of the materials, the laboratories, the companies, the foundries are the protagonists that give life to the MuSA in its twofold dimension (real and virtual).

    For the evening and night, don't forget that Pietrasanta is also one of the most important tourist destination of Versilia area, because it is able to satisfy all the modern tourist's needs organizing a lot of events from the animated nights in pubs and discos to concerts of classical music in the Chiostro of S.Agostino.

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