White Gold 1 Day itinerary

This itinerary can be implemented with the support of Macael Turismo.

Introduction to the itinerary

The whole day is dedicated to the visit of Macael, known as the city of white gold, and Its surroundings. Macael's history, culture and tradition is strongly linked with the majestic stone of marble. Around it Macael has formed an entrenched culture of strength and dedication that materializes in the knowledge of extraction and processing techniques that have been passed from father to son, the old looms sand quarries, factories made of marble, craft workshops, sculptors, stonecutters, masons, modern CNC machines, the Advanced Technology Center of the Stone, new materials such as Silestone and Dekton arising from the commitment to innovation, sculptures, sidewalks, handrails, walls and bollards the village, etc.

Through this 1 day itinerary the visitor will have the chance to understand the marble culture of Macael!

> Morning

We start the tour by visiting the most importan marble related sites in Macael.

The first stop over is to visit the World's Largest Mortar. The mortar is made of white marble Macael and is registered in the Guinness Book as the world's largest mortar with 4.5 mts. high and 37 tons in weight. Marble Mortar is a very popular item traditionally made by craftsmen of Macael.

The second stop is the Marble Interpretation Center. It plays a triple role as a visitor reception center, tourist information point and interpretive space that enables a contextualization of Macael marble culture, which leads visitors to the quarries and crafts and sculpture workshops that are organized from there. Inside are 22 panels with information in Spanish and English, as well as different parts and elements, which make the visit more attractive, participative and experiential.

We then continue to the Réplica of Fountain of the Lions from Alhambra. Like the original, made by craftsmen from Macael with the purest Macael white marble. The Fountain of Lions is the most famous image of the Alhambra. It's considered the masterpiece of Andalusian art, symbol of their decorative richness and synthesis of the hydraulic complex. The 12 lions, all are different in size and details. The mug has in its perimeter 12 verses of the minister and poet Ibn Zamrak in describing the source itself. The only difference of the replica installed in Macael, with respect to the original, is that the first is surrounded by ‪‎marble‬ slabs on which are inscribed the translation of these verses in Spanish.

It is now time to get in the car and visit the nearby Cosentino Marble Quarry Viewpoint. It is located above the white marble quarry greater extent. It’s exploited by Cosentino Group. Highlights are the large white marble benches in the open, thanks to the impressive recess made. Also, the large machines which are used for the extraction of marble quarries. In organized visits, the company "Made in Macael", gives to the participants the opportunity to experiment with marble.

Departing from the Viewpoint we continue our visit to Puntilla Quarry (Exodus: Kings and Gods Location). It’s the area where farms quarries older white marble lie, and exploited in the Muslim era. The sweeping marble benches, like a huge white walls coming out of the mountain. The marble playground of the Alhambra and the palace of Medina Azahara was extracted from these quarries. In this place were filmed in October 2014 several scenes of the movie "Exodus: Gods and Kings" directed by Ridley Scott.

Our morning tour finishes with a visit to the Old Macael Marble Quarry, an impressive marble quarry, 80 meters high.

> Lunch

For some ideas on where to eat you can visit the Leisure in Macael section.

> Afternoon

The afternoon is dedicated to visiting Macael sculpture workshops. We will have the opportunity to enter the world of stone carving, to know the different types of sculptures, carving techniques, admired as a escuptor work and try to do it ourselves.

Connections by bus

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