Attika has been famous for thousands of years for its marble as well as statues and monuments made of marble. Up to recent ages (decade of 70’ies), main marble quarries in Attika were situated in Penteli mountain (1109 m), one of the four mountains forming the basin of Athens. The marble of Penteli is renowned for its unique white hue, purity, clarity and transparency. Ever since marble quarries in Penteli have attracted workers from various parts of Greece and Attika marble has been and still is an export good of the region. Up to now, there are quarries in the northern-eastern part of Penteli, continuing the thousand year old tradition. A less known, minor marble quarry in Attika, active up to the 60’ has been that on the Observatory (Asteroskopeion) hill, one of the 7 hills of Athens. The marble of this quarry resembled to the wood grain.